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30/08/2017 – Lets go south

The journey south began a couple of days ago and its been a bit of an adventure. Good old Bruce the ute who transported me around up North decided that he had had enough touring so a Sunday morning start was out of the question. Rattle rattle whir clunk and that was it. Time to leave Bruce behind. This meant the territory and a trailer were the next option. My trailer skills leave a lot to be desired but oh well lets do this.

First stop Busselton a pretty not so little coastal town with one very long jetty. 1841 metres in length making it the longest wooden piled jetty in the Southern Hemisphere. It is now used exclusively for tourism and recreation but it has a colourful past as a working jetty. It’s an amazing walk especially at sunset which was when we took on the walk. Listening to the water lapping at the pylons and listening to the birdlife as you walk along. Several seagulls could be seen with eggs and baby chicks nestling in the old sections of the jetty. The view back to land is as beautiful as the view out to sea.


Busselton to Margaret River, now there is some exploring to do. Margaret river is gorgeous. Beaches and sunsets chocolate factories, fudge and nougat and to top it off the distillery for some liquor sampling and some purchases. Then onto Pemberton, now there’s an adventure after realizing that we probably should have ade a petrol stop somewhere we nursed the car into Pemberton with some amazing economical driving, we filled up at the 24 hour BP and then to our amazement the car wouldn’t start. After calling the RAC the owner of the servo rocks up who is also the RAC contractor, yep we had a dodgy batch of fuel so un unscheduled stop and a tank clean out to get us back on the road. Finally we arrived at our destination only to find a maze to get to our chalet that included dirt roads one way streets and no way to back a trailer anywhere. My trailer backing skills are pretty ordinary so adding hills trees and dirt roads, tiredness and there was one very unhappy camper right here. Solution found and finally fell into bed somewhat exhausted.


Todays exploration included trees waterfalls and a town full of gnomes, we do live in a beautiful country.

Tomorrow is my last evening in WA and it has been an adventure that I wont forget in a hurry. The journey of creative courage is almost complete. Whilst being away from family is difficult especially with the addition of a new grand daughter I have also learnt that I am capable of anything on my own. I have travelled many kilometres on my own and with my new work colleges. I have photographed many kids from different backgrounds each with their own story. The diverse conditions and country side that people call home and the best part is Ive seen some great countryside with the red deserts and green trees along with the bluest of seas. Australia is a magnificent place and there is still so much to explore.


So for now the journey ends but I cant wait for the next adventure.


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A little bit of history

26/08/2017 – A little bit of history

No matter where you are the weekends are the best, no work and no thoughts of the next job just a chance to explore. The long road north is over and it has been a huge adventure. I have loved every minute of this journey and have learnt so much. The little things that many families take for granted are major things for many in the North. The scenery along the Western Australia coast is stunning. A visit to the pinnacle desert makes you wonder as to what the earth was like in years gone by. How did these magnificent structures come about.  The limestone structures emerge out of the sandy desert like soldiers standing on duty guarding some unknown treasure.

Today was about checking out the history of the Fremantle port. Just wandering around looking at the old buildings and the history that it holds. For 3 hours I just wandered the streets and lane ways, from the small intimate coffee shops to the bustling markets with all sorts of crafts and foods for sale. I had all sorts of people trying to sell me scarves, jewelry and food that I didn’t recognize. My purchases consisted of some relaxation tea and I couldn’t walk past the caramel fudge.

After wandering it was time to head for prison. The old Fremantle prison has a whole lot of history and many stories to tell. So a quick duck into the gift shop and I booked myself in on the tunnels tour. Yep that’s right don’t do the normal thing lets see what there is underneath this amazing structure. After watching the video on the history of the tunnels and the safety video it was time to don the stylish paper overalls and, gumboots and safety harness, crash hat and life jacket. Yep if you fall in the water the life jacket inflates just in case you forget to stand up.

Thirteen people on the tour a lucky number, I was the odd man out travelling on my own so my ladder and boat buddy was the tour guide Matt. A joke was made 13 go in but only 12 return, hmmmm, who do we leave behind. As we descended down the ladder I remembered how hard it is to climb in gumboots, we made it safely down the 20 meters. The temperature in the tunnels was not as expected a consistent temperature of 20 degrees all year round. In the winter the dry tunnels have up to 30 cms of water which makes the walking even more interesting. You need to walk hunched over and thankful for the helmets as there is always a bump or two on the head, you can look up the bore holes and see the light at the end and check out the rusty old pumps that used to distribute the fresh water to the surface. At one point we were all gathered on a small pier and were checking out how the light reflected off the water in the dark and made the tunnel look dry and twice the size. Next thing you know a huge splash the lady right behind me fell off the pier. That’s not in the tour guide, we flicked our lights back on and helped her out, yes those self inflating life vests really do work when you hit the water. She emptied her gumboots and after the initial shock had a laugh and we continued on. The next part f the tour was done in boats, coasting along the tunnels and watching the ripples of the water combined with light dance on the ceilings. Even though we were 20 meters down you could still hear the faint noise of the road traffic above. In parts you could see the roots of the trees as they went in search of water, on the ends of the roots were droplets of condensation that keep the trees alive.

A truly amazing tour with much history revealed. Once e climbed back up the ladder a few photos were taken in the pump house including the wall of graffiti which was created my the inmates, after all this was a working prison up until October 1991.

My next stop after leaving the prison was monument hill. High on a hill over looking the habour is a beautiful war memorial paying tribute to or fallen heroes afew quick snap and the back to my lovely accommodation at Natalies Airbnb in Scarborough.

Tomorrow begins my last week before heading home. Busselton, Margaret River and several other locations to finish off my amazing journey, Friday will be both a happy and sad day. Happy to be heading home and sad that the journey is coming to an end.

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Time Flys by

23/08/2017 – time flys by

Another few days have passed and several more schools photographed. A primary school in Geraldton and a prep to 12 in Kalbarri then back to a lovely little school in Walkaway.

The trip up to Kalbarri was brief but a few scenic stops along the way, Port Gregory was an unassuming little town with not much there other than an amazing lake. Lakes are just bodies of water that reflect the sky but this one is just a little different. Not an ounce of blue anywhere. Hutt Lagoon is a pink lake, a salt lake with a red or pink hue due to the presence of the carotenoid-producing algae Dunaliella salina, a source of ß-carotene, a food-colouring agent and source of vitamin A. The lagoon contains the world's largest microalgae production plant, a 250-hectare (620-acre) series of artificial ponds used to farm Dunaliella salina.

It’s amazing to look at and with the reflection of the sky some parts even look purple.

Once gain the drive through the countryside also gives you the glimpses of the fields of gold. The rolling hills covered in canola in full bloom and as the afternoon light hits it, it really does glow


A slight detour towards the water where structures such as “the Grandstand”, “Natural bridge” and “island rock” made for interesting viewing. Huge rocky cliffs that are slowly being worn away by the wind and water to create bridges and arches. The distinct layers of rock which have been created over many many years. After walking and photographing and just sitting and watching the birds soar overhead it was time to complete the Kalbarri excursion. The accommodation was right on the water where we got to just sit and watch the sun go down on another beautiful day. This is an area that I would have loved to spend more time in, Sunset on night two after work was spent at Red Bluff. The setting sun over the ocean and Whales frolicking was truly a great way to end the day.


Early start to drive back to Geradlton area to do some more work. Tomorrow we make a detour slightly North to Binnu then the long haul back to Perth. Stops along the way are being planned. The coastal road awaits and the camera is charged and ready to capture some more memories. The trip is nearly done with only one more week before I return to the cold of Melbourne. I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed and giving my family a hug. 

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The weekend is here

18/08/2017 – the weekend is here

Another week has rolled on by, time is passing quickly and people are starting to ask if I’m missing home. Of course I am but this journey is as much about work as it is about finding me. Travelling alone is definitely an experience. During the week I’ve had some amazing people to work with and I have had to trust my photography ability in many different conditions. Studio lighting is nice and straight forward whilst shooting in sun, shade and wind has provided a little bit more of a challenge. Today was a trek to a small school of just 26 lovely kids. Arriving early to get my self sorted and then find a teacher that is braiding the hair of 6 or 7 students so they can have an amazing school portrait. It felt so good to personalize the service offered and lots of fun and laugher could be heard as everyone was eager to have their photo done. I’m sure I have left them with a fun memory of their photo day.

The trip back from the school showed me some amazing scenery that is on my list to go and explore. Ill continue writing this with tomorrows adventures. I cant wait for the sun to come up so that I can go an explore again.

As I lay listening to the heavy rain at 3 am in the morning I thought there goes my adventure but at 6 am it had stopped so I grabbed my gear and headed to Mill lookout. As I sat and watched the first light break I thought this is not going to be a nice sunrise but the sound of the birds chirping as the bush around me was slowly waking up was extremely relaxing and there was no wind and I could just watch the sun creep over the hill and through the clouds. There is something about a sunrise that makes the day a whole lot better. I continued on down the road amongst the fields of gold, the early morning sunlight glistening off the fields and throw in a rainbow or two just to make me smile even more.

I think I managed to annoy a few drivers as I cruised along the road stopping frequently to check out the old buildings, churches, sheds and old windmills. The countryside is really pretty in the early morning light and the rain held off long enough to enjoy the morning.

Back into town and the rain has started, Oh wait that’s hail and wind and now the sun is shining, it feels like I’m back in Melbourne. Four seasons in one day. The rest of the day as a chance to catch up on some much needed sleep and just relax.

I am super grateful for the chance to travel around the countryside. My photography has taught me many things, it’s taught me to trust myself, it’s taught me to really see the world and it’s taught me to believe that anything is possible. Follow your dreams and photography is my dream. 

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Exploring Geraldton

14/08/2017 – exploring Geraldton

3 days passes so quickly. The weather has not been too kind. Saturday there was a wild storm that came through and the rain came sideways. You couldn’t even see the water that was only 70 metres from my window. The rain was much needed in this area but it meant that I couldn’t get out to explore. A day inside to just relax and get organized to shift from one accommodation to the next.

Geraldton is a big place and there is a lot to look at so when the weather broke and the sun came out I was off. First stop the light house. It looks like it has seen better days and appears to be on a bit of a lean. Its fenced off so you can’t get up close to check it out. I wandered over to the beach and yes got the feet wet again, sitting watching the waves roll in, some dogs playing in the water and people wandering along the waters edge.

It was then time to move on a go in search of the leaning trees. The flats at Greenough are open to the weather and the constant buffeting against the trees has meant that they all grow on an angle some greater than others and the main one at this site looks as though it grows along the ground. There is also an old village just down the road with its old church, post office and stores. The craftsmanship that went to building the old building is still fascinating and they have stood the test of time.

Ellendale pool was my next stop, a trip down the dirt track and I found myself at a lovely quiet water hole that had a shear cliff face on one side and the reeds along the shore. Sitting in the sun and listening to all the birds in the area was really relaxing. It was time to head back into Geraldton as my new accommodation was ready a lovely house right on the beach as soon there would be another 3 photographers to join me. Bags moved in and it was time to head to the local pub to meet a couple of my Mum’s cousins. They have been travelling the country side and we have finally crossed paths. We sat and chatted and found out a little about each others families till it was time to head back to the house.

Geraldton is a lovely place and there ae still some places to explore but first there is work to be done. Some lovely schools to photograph before the next adventure begins next weekend. I am having a ball learning, exploring and meeting new people. 

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It's my Birthday

11/08/2017 –It’s my birthday

Today has been a day with a difference. Waking this morning it was like any other. The body clock has only just started to adjust to local time. It was 5am at the first start instead of the usual 3am. A later start today to finish photographing a local school, set it up, pack it up load the Ute move it around and do it all again. Weight lifting appears to be done daily as all the equipment gets moved around. As we had an early finish it was time to treat myself, so googled a local nail salon to get my little bit of girlie on and have the nails fixed.

The lovely lady asked what I was up to this afternoon and I told her it was my birthday, she asked about my family and I said they are all in Melbourne so I would be spending it on my own. After she finished my nails and I was waiting for them to dry she ducked out and came back with a single red rose to wish me happy birthday. A simple gesture of kindness that goes a long way. I walked out of there with the biggest smile on my face and a spring in my step. My flower sits in my accommodation in a Gatorade bottle as a vase. Today is a birthday with a difference no family to share it with physically but being on my own has made me appreciate them even more.

A cruise of the local area and checked out the HMAS Sydney war memorial that sits a top of the hill over looking the beaches and town if Geraldton, A few quick stops at some beaches to watch the waves and then home to relax with a cider and a spa. A great Birthday and tomorrow is free time to explore some more of this great country so watch this space for the next adventure.

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Next Stop Carnarvon The drive to Carnarvon was fairly uneventful. A quick stop in Coral Bay to check out the sights. The beautiful blue sea with a clear view out to the reef. The water was warm and the view from the lookout was amazing. The 3 wind turbines that sat on the top of the hill were silent as there was not a breath of wind anywhere. Sitting on the beach it was lovely and quiet with only a gentle crashing of the waves on the reef in the distance. The landscape on the drive was really flat but you could watch the colors change from dark red dirt to a more sandy color with the greenery starting to creep in.

Arrival in Carnarvon was uneventful and it’s a fairly unremarkable town. The airport is just 5 minutes from the centre of town. Todays school was a community college, it’s difficult to grasp the concept that kids just don’t attend school, an enrollment of 250 yet there was only 100 or so kids to photograph. Enjoying the challenge as it really is a matter of thinking on your feet to get the job done.

The best time comes after work, a wind down and a little explore in the local area. There’s a jetty here that is a mile long. How it’s still standing is quite amazing, the boards are loose, and the railing is falling down it is in desperate need of repair yet the tourist still come to walk the distance a see the views that it has to offer. We arrived as the sun was beginning to set so there was just enough clouds to make magical light show happen. The yellows and oranges quickly turned to red giving that truly magical glow and then on top of that as you turned around the moon was rising over the land. It looked like someone had taken a paint brush and painted the sky in the layers of blue and yellow with this beautiful glowing full moon to finish the painting. A few more photos and we walked the rickety walk back to land. It’s hard to believe that this pier also has a little train that runs along the rusty tracks to get you to the end. I’m not sure how safe it seems and the end of the pier is blocked off, yet the fisherman clamber over the safety barrier and walk the precarious section to get to the best fishing spots at the end. You can see the pylons that have disintegrated and have no base and the others that are leaning precariously as the waves crash against them. Seagulls perch happily on the broken pieces hoping to catch the fish heads thrown by the fishermen.

It was a great end to another day, breathing the sea air and watching he light of the land go out.  Tomorrow is another day and another chance to explore places that the locals take for granted. There is always some magic to find in any place you just need to really look.

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Along the Coast

05/08/2017 –Along the coast


Wow it’s been 5 days since putting my thoughts on paper. There has been a lot of territory covered during that time. From an amazing day in Karijini it was n to Newman to actually do some work. A couple of schools to photograph and just a little bit of exploring with the 360 degree from the top of the hill. A little too much sun as the weather had me fooled with the icy cold mornings of 3 degrees followed by a cooler wind during the day but the sun was still out.

From Newman, it was a drive back along the Great Northern Highway watching the ever-changing landscape which goes from rugged mountains and gorges to open plains, there were more dead cows along the way than kangaroos which is a crazy thing to see. I spotted two mobs of horses just roaming the open land. No fences and miles from anywhere. As you pass the road trains you get an appreciation for how long it takes to move things across the vast country side. The only other traffic other than mine vehicles and trucks is the constant procession of grey nomads that are roaming the country in search of warmth. After 7 hours of driving safely back in Karratha for a quick overnight stop. A viewing of a sunset in Dampier and then passed out in bed to do it all again tomorrow.

Today’s drive was from Karratha to Exmouth. The landscape seemed to change yet again. The red red dirt at the start was replaced with a little bit of greenery and the termite mounds that stood along the way as if they were soldiers on duty keeping a look out. The kangaroos that had met their demise along the way were also as red as the dirt of the countryside. A couple of times I had to slow and watch the sheep and lambs wander across the highway and then I saw it! The bluest water that I had ever seen, I was finally on the coast.

Accommodation check-in was at the Sea breeze resort which is accommodation on the Naval Base, awesome rooms and great hosts willing to point you in the right direction for some awesome sites. Sea Breeze is closing at the end of the year as their lease is not being renewed after 20 years, It’s a pity as it’s a lovely place. Exploring involved wandering down and finding a lovely beach and then heading up to Vlaming head lighthouse where the view is amazing. The trip to the light house started with the sighting of an emu with 6 baby chicks trotting along behind and then from the top I saw whales. Not close enough to photograph but there seemed to be two heading past the point.

Another amazing day with awesome weather and the coastal views are stunning, tomorrow it’s a drive to Carnarvon with maybe a stop at Coral bay along the way, this is a beautiful part of the world.

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Beyond the comfort zone After a long drive yesterday and an early night today was a day that I have been waiting for since I booked the tour. The destination is Karijini National park where an adventure was about to take place. An early start at 5.30 am to arrive at Karijini eco retreat for a 7am start. As I watched the sun rise over the hills I knew it was going to be a magical day. Greeted by a couple of the hosts for the day Hwee and Sim to start the process of letting them know about what our physical capabilities are. A group of 9 novices heading into the magnificent canyons of the region..

Paperwork complete and onto West Oz Adventures HQ where we were given all our gear and lessons in abseiling, traversing and everything else we needed to know. After wiggling and jumping  to get the wetsuit on, harness tightened to wedgey position and life jacket done up to the point where breathing was optional. Our spirit animals summoned, mine a pebble-mound mouse and yep we were ready to take on the world

The butt massage we got driving over the corrugated roads for 20 minutes was an added bonus. We arrived at our destination and with inner tubes in hand we headed down into the gorge. Walking down and climbing down the ladders our guides were great in explaining everything around us from fossils, to plants and how the rocks were formed.The first water crossing was nice and easy a few steps on some dry rocks, crossing number two involved sitting in the tyres and floating down the river, easy you say, not quite as I not so gracefully tipped over going base over apex and ending up in the water, Oh well everyone had a good laugh. Next was the challenge of traversing across the rocks and an abseil to the base, Exhilarating and a great chance to test your metal. Pushing past the comfort zone and trusting a total stranger to keep you safe, We climbed down water falls swam in icy cold water, climbed up rocks and just sat and admired the magnificent cliffs. At the end of it all we found ourselves back at HQ where pizza and munchies were provided and we sat and watched the sun go down on a magnificent day. check these guys out and if you’re in the area I cannot recommend them enough. The professionalism and fun made this a day that I will never forget.

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Road Trip Today was the first of many when I get to travel on my own. The trip started totally uneventful as the first part was Karratha to Point Samson to check out the beach. The rocks along the foreshore are so very different to what I’ve seen before. They are black and you can see all the different layers. It was lovely to just wander and take a few happy snaps. As I sat checking out the rock pools a loud scuffle came from right behind me and I nearly had a heart attack as two rather large crabs went scurrying past. The next stop was an old mining town call Cossack. The old bluestone buildings were lovely and the added bonus was an art exhibition taking pace at the moment. Indigenous art, portraits and modern abstracts were there right alongside the red dirt camera clubs photography.

After checking out the sights it was onwards to Port Hedland. The adventure of driving in the Pilbara is like nothing else. Where else would you see dead cows on the side of the road, So many hawks of all varieties circling and floating on the thermals but the biggest hazard I found today where the trucks. The mining trucks being transported from place to place. Pulling over to the side of the road to let them pass then being stuck behind an even bigger one for 45 minutes and then having to pass it two wheels on the bitumen and two in the gravel. Glad to pass it safely. There wont be much time to check out Port Hedland as it’s a quick overnight stay before heading to Newman but the sunset over the ocean was absolutely beautiful tonight and a great way to end the day.

The only other adventure was trying to locate the beep happening in my accommodation. It sounded like a smoke detector with a flat battery, so a change of battery and 10 minutes later it happened again. Watching the owners trying to locate the source of annoyance was amusing, tracked down to be the washing machine so it was unplugged and haven’t heard  beep since 

So for tonight its goodnight as tomorrow is a travel day towards the next destination of Newman. Adventure awaits at Tom Price and Karijini over the next few days. So stay tuned as the adventure continues

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Karratha is Home for Now 3 days has passed again and I am still in Karratha, It’s been all about the work. No chance as yet to get out an explore as we have been working hard photographing schools. Its interesting as the schooling system is a little different in the west as Kindy and pre primary classes are part of the school system. The kids are great but its different photographing in the heat. Its extremely draining when its this hot but I’m enjoying every minute. New people to meet and going different places every day. Tomorrow there is a plan to explore some of the local area  and perhaps even watch a sunset in Dampier. Wonderwoman and supergirl have both been resting but over the weekend they are going to be out in full force and checking out more of the country side. On a positive note fitness wise my step count is huge, Over 100000 everyday and all done in the heat. Its nearly time for bed as Dampier Primary awaits tomorrow, can’t wait.

Dampier Is done and a chance to explore, Red Dog territory, A monument sits at the entrance to the town and a beautiful view  of the port of Dampier where the huge ships come and go at will, Palm trees dotted along the coastline mixed with some amazing rock formations. A short drive up the road we found a fantastic lookout where you could see for miles. The sun danced on the water as we just sat and relaxed after a busy day. A warning sign on the foreshore made me chuckle, beware of falling coconuts and the small crop of sturt desert peas looked so pretty swaying in the gentle breeze. The drive back took us across the salt flats that glow pink in the sunlight with crystals of salt forming around the rocks, A further drive up to the lookout at Karratha where the view from the top shows you the whole of Karratha and beyond. It was nice to take the time to check out the local area and see the sights of a very different landscape, Looking forward to the weekend off and a chance to explore the countryside even further

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Pannawonica Calling The main part of the adventure has commenced an early start and a flight from Perth to Karratha. A place I have never been, luggage checked in and sliding past the check-in with the excess hand luggage which included lights and pop up backdrops, didn’t matter as the flight wasn’t full so he first part of the mission was successful. Flying over the ever changing landscape of Northern Western Australia. Totally fascinated by the mountains that had shadows on them that looked like trees, followed by the lakes and desert and watching the colors change from green to red. Landing in Karratha a couple of hours later. The vast flat open spaces with roads the stretched out to the sea. It was now time to pick up Bruce!

Bruce is the workhorse that will accompany us on the journey around the country side. To get Bruce out of his accommodation there was a simple payment required. No money required just a slab of Beer, Yes this is Australia. Bruce is a rattling old ute with all its quirks Don’t open that side as the struts won’t hold the canopy, use the small key to open the driver’s door and the bigger key to start the engine, A quick clean to get rid of the 15 tonne of dust, oil and water checked and filled, A bit more air in the tyres and we are off.

The Drive is really interesting over very different landscape to that Ive seen before. Some of the  rocks are really red and look like shiny pieces of metal and others are like shards of slate. A quick stop along the way at a beautiful water hole. This really is a magical land and there is so much to see.

Pannawonica Village is our home for the night it’s a closed mining town. Your accommodation includes meals as well over in the Mess. Its an interesting place and tomorrow we get to check out the school and photograph the kids. Another early start as school starts early so that we can complete the job and head back into Karratha for the rest of the week. I can’t wait to see more of the country side and photograph the ever changing landscapes

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3 Days On...... 3 days passes very quickly when you’re in learning mode. Thanks to my new work mates who have shown me the ropes and all the admin that they do to keep the system running smoothly, it’s a little different to what I’m used to but I’m sure once the real work starts that I’ll get used to doing it all.

Today was a day to sit back and enjoy some of the local sights, so after a bit of a sleep in (still haven’t mastered the time difference) I ventured out to check out Cottesloe Beach, no real destination in mind just a chance to check out the sunshine and fresh air, A wander along the beach and quite an amount of time watching the yachts as they glided gracefully across the water, they seemed to sail for miles as they disappeared along the horizon. My thoughts drifting to where they were sailing to, miles offshore with not a care in the world. My attention then was drawn to the old surf lifesaving club with its beautiful sand stone brickwork, I’m sure there is more than one story of a life saved hidden within the walls. The surfers were battling the waves as they tried to master the swell and rolling waves. It was totally relaxing and a great chance to people watch.

Stop two on my day was the little blue boatshed at Crowley. Once again watching a few tourists take some photos and a chance to do my own photos, the symmetry and simpleness of a little blue shed that seemed to hover over the water, a chance to sit and meditate and listen to the water gently lapping at the shore.

The destination for the day was Kings park, checking out the war memorial and then a wander for hours in the park, the beautiful native gardens with views over Perth. Lots of walking uphill and down dale watching the children run and play in the park, crazy joggers pushing themselves to the limited and some of our senior citizens admiring the beauty of the flowers. My exercise complete just as the rain set in. An amazing day of exploring and enjoying my own company and now it’s time to pack the bags again and head further North to the warmth and even greater adventures.

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A journey of creative courage The Journey Begins


Just on two weeks ago an offer was made to me to step way outside my comfort zone. A chance for a working holiday in Western Australia. Most people would go Wow what an opportunity by my head instantly went into what excuses can I use to not do this. Believe me there were many that I could have used but there was a little voice that was whispering in my ear. It clearly said just do it, you know you want to and what better way to go and see the country side and be paid for it at the same time. So, a shuffle around of my other work commitments a quick discussion with the family and the decision was made to jump into the unknown.

Packing a bag that will hold 6 weeks’ worth of clothes when you know the temperatures that you are going to be working in will range between 15 degrees and 30 degrees and it all must fit into one bag, challenge one complete, but then there is my camera gear 7kgs of hand luggage is all that you can have basic gear weighs about 10kgs, so break out the photography vest, stuff the pockets full of lenses and bits and pieces and slide through the check-in.

Part 3 of the journey was the flight itself, passengers not turning up so unloading luggage which meant a backup of air traffic so an extra hour on the ground before taking of and then the bumpy ride out of Melbourne and just as bumpy heading into Perth. So here I am day one of the adventure has begun. A time zone difference of two hours has me sitting here ready for bed yet its only 830pm local time. It’s been a long day but I’m ready to learn and meet the challenges that lay ahead over the next 6 weeks. I will face the with courage and confidence because I am a photographer and I have a story to tell and share with the world. Goodnight for now and I hope you enjoy my story through the pictures that I will share with you.

“Because every picture tells a story” and I will have many to share over the next 6 weeks.

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Why I am a photographer There are so many emotions that are attached to being a photographer and they are the reason we do what we do.

I used to shoot to escape (and at times I still do). Landscapes are fun and there is no pressure to get "that shot”, sometimes they are amazing and others are pretty ordinary but every shot is part of the journey

Excitement happens when your mind wanders to your next project, A head full of ideas and visions and the thoughts of how you can make it happen. Planning the day and what and how you are going to bring the vision to life.

A feeling of Accomplishment as the project takes place and your image comes alive, ironing out the wrinkles and making some changes so that the final product is even better than you imagined.

Pride, the emotion that we don’t always acknowledge, as you stand back and look at what you have done. Taking a moment to admire how great your achievement was.

Yes you remain humble and always remember where you started, but only look back to see how far you have come. I look back at the images from several years ago and my head says OMG what were you thinking? At the same time I realise how important these images were to my journey. Photography is an evolving art and as we chase perfection we just get better and better with every photograph we take.

Gratefulness, What can I say other than how grateful I am for the journey I am on. It started from a place of stress where I had to make a huge decision to leave my comfort zone to do what I truly love. The road has not been smooth, in fact at times I have thought of throwing the towel in but I have a mentor who helps me see what it is that I truly want. I am grateful that my clients trust me to capture their special moments and I love doing what I do.

Life is so good with a camera in my hand and it helps me see all the good there is in the world. A moment in time can be remembered forever and a photograph gives you the ability to remember that moment with even more clarity and emotion.

I am a photographer and I have a gift to share with you,"because every picture tells a story"

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Time moves on Here we are, over twelve months on. The adventure of the last few months has been interesting to say the least. Many photos have been taken and many stories told.

I have learned as much about myself as I have about my photography and I love the changes that are taking place. Over a year ago I took the completed my course and now when people ask what I do for a job I proudly tell them that I am a photographer and its the best job in the world. To capture those little moments and big moments which will be a memory forever.

A wedding or two, engagements (including hiking and hiding in the bushes), newborns, families, and the furkids. We can do it all. I am loving avery minute of this journey of discovery and each photograph I take is the best one yet.

]]> (Change of Focus Photography) Thu, 30 May 2013 10:12:54 GMT
A new beginning Today sees the beginning of a new adventure. Change of Focus Photography, a journey into a whole new world doing something that I truly love to do. Having always played around with photos and trying to create a story with pictures it is something that feels so natural to me, it is now time to provide this service for others.

I know I have a lot to learn but it will happen and as I learn and improve my skills I hope you enjoy my photos and the stories that I tell.

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